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Emotional Self-Discovery Workbook (Free Download)

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Understanding our emotions is essential because they serve as a beacon to help guide us along our chosen lifestyle path. Hence, we remain true to ourselves. This workbook will help you be mindful of your emotions.

cover pic for Slow Living - Emotional Self Discovery Workbook
Free Download – Emotional Self Discovery Workbook

Understanding our emotions for a slow living lifestyle.

I want to start by saying thanks for your interest in this workbook. It is the first one I have ever created, and I hope it is helpful and fun.

The goal of the workbook is not to do anything other than help you get in touch with some basic emotions you have through a series of questions and prompts. Have fun with it.

It does not offer advice on how to live your life or judge any answers. We are all gloriously different, and this workbook is a guide to help anyone better understand their emotions.

5 Sections To Emotional Self-Discovery Workbook

The workbook has the five easy to follow sections:

  • SECTION 1 – Questions
  • SECTION 2 – Writing Prompts
  • SECTION 3 – Assessments
  • SECTION 4 – Write Your Opinion
  • SECTION 5 – Personal Notes

Understand Your Feelings

Understanding our feelings and emotions is essential before we can begin incorporating slow living practices into our lives. They serve as a beacon to help guide us along our chosen lifestyle path. Hence, we remain true to what we believe in and want.

Awareness of our emotions also helps us be mindful when our body and mind tell us they need something and helps us feel more confident in who we are and our place in life.

So, consider this workbook to be an excellent first step toward a slow living lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the workbook. Thanks for reading.

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