Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 28, 2022

Cookie Free Website

Come in, take your shoes off, and stay for a spell.

  • I do not use my website to collect data about you.
  • I do not use any cookies on my website.
  • I do not use any tracking or analytical software.
  • No, not even Google Analytics.
  • I do not collect any information about you.

I built this website and created content for you, the user. Please use my website freely, and know that your privacy is respected.

Optional – YouTube Cookie

My website offers the ability to play YouTube videos within my website pages. By default, the video thumbnail image is displayed instead of the YouTube player, which means no cookies are used.

To play the video on my webpage, YouTube will load their video player, and their player will use cookies. Understand that these are YouTube cookies.

I give you a choice to either accept YouTube cookies to play videos on my website or click the link to watch on YouTube.

I also provide the following clear information on pages with a video:

If you click the image below to play the video, you agree to install YouTube’s player and functional cookies. Or, watch on YouTube instead.

Seem fair? I think so. Here are a few more things to know.

External Website Links

I often provide links to other websites, and these external websites may use cookies. My website is not responsible for those external websites.

Newsletter, Tips, and Digital Products

When you subscribe to my newsletter, donate a tip, or buy a digital product, these transactions are hosted on an external website that uses cookies to complete the transaction. These external and secure website pages are hosted by ConvertKit, with the following https:// URLs:”name” (for tips and digital products) (for newsletter)

Secure Website

I invest in premium, secure and reliable website hosting that uses a digital certificate (SSL) that keeps information private as it is transferred to or from my https:// website I also invest in software to deliver my content fast for a better user experience.


I may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. I will notify you of any changes by posting new policies on this page.

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