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Make Wellness A Priority In Your Life With Slow Living

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Nothing is more important to me today than maintaining my physical and mental health; in other words, my overall wellness. Before I started practicing slow living, I never made the conscious decision to make my wellness a priority. As time passed, my health suffered. I was too busy focusing on work and making money to notice my poor health started to interfere with my lifestyle. I finally made the decision to start living a slower life.

Wellness is a lifestyle choice we decide to make (or not).

My poor health did not happen overnight but through years of neglect. It started by ignoring what my mind and body were telling me it needed. Then I ignored the signs for a week, a month, and before I realized it, years, even decades, passed.

That happened to me and is why I started living a slower lifestyle. In this article, I want to highlight what I do to make sure wellness remains a priority in my life.

This is a quick read, but I was thinking about wellness today and decided to write down and share some ideas I use to keep my health a priority each day.

7 Ways To Make Wellness A Priority

Your mileage may vary, but you may find some helpful ideas.

1. Current Health Status

When I had health problems, I first saw a doctor and had them figure out what tests they wanted to do to better understand what was going wrong with me.

I strongly encourage you to do the same thing. If you get regular checkups and physicals, great. If you do not get checked regularly, or it has been a while, consider seeing a professional. This will ensure everything is well or highlight areas that must be worked on.

Either way, at least you will know.

When I started slow living, I had a long list of health issues to work on, so I was glad I went through that process.

I didn’t necessarily like the process of having tests done and doctors telling me everything that was wrong with me. Still, without that information, I would not know what was wrong. Once I knew, I could attack the problems the best I could.

You can read Why I Chose To Live Slow for a detailed account of what was wrong with me and how a slow living lifestyle helped turn things around.

So, the first step is to get a baseline of your current wellness and be sure to work with doctors as you start addressing lifestyle changes to fix your health issues.

That is what I did, and it is a responsible way to start addressing any wellness issues.

2. Gently Make A Plan

With slow living, we want to ensure we set “gentle” goals to balance obtainability with the time needed to finish. It defeats the purpose of slow living if we fill up our days with a bunch of tasks to accomplish an impossible set of goals.

When we plan our days to include wellness matters, we must be mindful of how long things will take. We want a slower pace to be able to do things well.

Again, work with your doctors if there is something specific you need to work on medically.

When I first started incorporating wellness goals into my lifestyle, this is what I did.

First, I decided that time needed to be mentally and physically healthy would always trump work or anything else. If I don’t have my health, what good is anything else?

Second, I need three hours a day for the following wellness routines:

  • 30 minutes for stretching
  • 30 minutes for quiet time and breathing exercises
  • 90 minutes for exercise (mostly walking)
  • 30 minutes for a nap each afternoon

Third, I needed to reduce my fat, sugar, and salt intake, so I threw out all my food that contained any of those ingredients. This reduced my temptation to cheat.

Here is what I literally ate each day for 10 months:

  • 3 eggs with steamed spinach (breakfast)
  • 4-5 skinless chicken breasts (baked)
  • Unlimited green vegetables (steamed or boiled)
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange

Fourth, I went through my current schedule and removed whatever I needed to fit everything in. Which I did.

Then it was a matter of staying focused and sticking to the plan.

I was initially in poor mental and physical health, so I needed more work than perhaps someone else. Your wellness is unique to you, so we will all be different. This is also why I hope you consult with your doctors to ensure you have a current and accurate idea of your health status.

3. Start Living Slower

Slow living made me healthy and happy, and I love my life. It may not be for everyone, but it is almost an ethos for me.

Before slow living, I felt like I was always in a race. I chased the almighty dollar, worked long hours, and bought expensive things I didn’t need and sometimes couldn’t afford.

As busy as I was, I never paid attention to things; it was like living on autopilot. I didn’t really think about what I really wanted in life or what made me healthy and happy. I just got up every morning and started doing it.

That changed when I started to practice slow living.

Slow living is about learning to identify what truly matters to me physically and emotionally. And setting those gentle goals, so you both move ahead in life while still maintaining enough free time to do the things that bring you the most joy.

Read my free slow-living guide to get started if you have not already done so.

The point of this article is that when you live at a slower pace and choose to make wellness a priority in your life, you will have the time to make that happen.

The very purpose of slow living is to be well and enjoy life. It shows us how to plan a lifestyle around that.

4. Practice Being Centered

One of the ways to make wellness a priority in our life is to practice centering ourselves, which allows our mind and body time to recover throughout the day.

This usually involves finding a quiet place where we close our eyes and work on breathing exercising. These breathing exercises let our minds become still as we focus on relaxing our bodies.

Focusing on slow, comfortable breaths at a repetitive pace relaxes our body and lowers our blood pressure and adrenaline levels.

We become relaxed.

I once did not believe in this kind of exercise, but once I did and noticed how much it improved my life, I would never give it up. I do it several times a day now.

After these exercises, I feel optimistic, happy, refreshed, and ready to take something on with great focus. It is magic!

5. Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest

Not to be lazy, but I bunched all three things together because we all know we need to exercise, eat healthily, and get plenty of rest. Whether we do that or not is another matter entirely.

They are all essential, so I wanted to have them listed.

We need to do all three each day. It doesn’t mean we can’t have a cheat day or a small snack after dinner (which I love). Those are fine so long as every day, for the most part, we get to rest, exercise, and eat nutritiously.

For an extra Scooby snack, we should also stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

6. Emotional Discovery

One of the more challenging things about implementing slow living practices into my life was getting in touch with my emotions. In the past, it was just not something I ever tried to do.

With several years of practice, I am dialed into my emotions and feelings, which allows me to be mindful of what I need daily.

When we are mindful of what our body and mind are telling us it needs to be healthy, then we can nourish those needs. The better you understand your emotions, the better you notice those messages.

Understanding our emotions allows us to better handle stressful events, make better decisions, helps us execute tasks, and even allows us to enjoy our downtime in a more meaningful way.

If you want to get in touch with your emotions, you can check out my free Emotional Self-Discovery Workbook.

The point is that our emotions and feeling hold information about our overall wellness needs. When we are in tune with how we feel, we can stay on track and healthy.

7. Check Yourself Daily

Our health is dynamic. Just because we are healthy today does not guarantee health tomorrow. It sucks, but that is how life works.

Therefore, what I do each day, throughout each day, is constantly asking myself how I am doing. And when I say I ask myself, I mean that in the most literal way.

For example, today I walked to the grocery store and had to wait for traffic everywhere. I asked myself, “how are you doing? You ok? Lots of traffic today; it’s not bothering you, right?”

I didn’t say it out loud, but I did say that to myself.

It may sound odd, but I ask myself these things all day because I am in tune with myself. I understand what triggers can make me feel stress, happiness, and other emotions.

So when I notice this possible trigger that would lead to negativity, I ask myself how I am doing. Most of the time, I tell myself I’m good.

However, there are times when I may answer back “well, I’m I’m stressing.”

More often than not, just admitting I am stressing over something is enough to get over it. Of course, this is after years of doing this. I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

But, the point is I think it is essential each day, throughout the day, to check in on how you are doing.

When you can be honest when something is upsetting you, you resolve issues quickly. When you do that, you will be amazed at how light and free your day feels.

Closing Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, I was thinking about wellness today, and I wanted to share some ideas on how to make health a priority in life each day.

There are a few key takeaways I hope you remember.

The first is to include doctors in your life. I could not have gone through the medical issues I did without working with doctors from the beginning to identify the problems and help figure out a game plan to fix them.

The second thing I hope you embrace is getting in touch with your emotions. It can be difficult, but if I can do it, anyone can. The value and benefits of being in tune with what you think, who you are, and what you want in life are immeasurable.

And finally, I hope you keep your eye on how you feel each day mentally and physically. Our health is the most essential thing, so please make your wellness a daily priority.

Thanks for reading.

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