Thanks for stopping by; my name is Gregg, and I am a digital nomad traveling the world, creating content about slow living. The slow living lifestyle has improved my mindset and overall wellness and even helps me enjoy travel more. Please scroll down to learn more about me.

The world will try to tell you how to be. Find the strength to be you and be groovy.

I practice slow living as part of a lifestyle ethos.

I enjoy traveling to places, trying new things, smiling and creating smiles, napping in the afternoon, eating treats after dinner, and sipping espresso outside.

The best way to get to know me is to know what I stand for, which is the following in no particular order of importance:

  • I choose to live slowly in a world that seems to reward speed.
  • I may not be the most talented, but I am passionate about what I do, which I value immeasurably.
  • I am so busy improving myself that I do not have time to judge others.
  • I seek to find meaning and depth in things and then take the time to understand and appreciate them.
  • I am committed to being me, no matter what that may look like, despite living in a society that seems to only value appearance.
  • I am the patron saint of groovy.
  • I make wellness a priority and nourish the needs of my mind and body.
  • I am grateful for what I have and where I am, embrace contentment, and gently plan the future.
  • I will be generous, kind, and help others because that’s what the person I want to become would do.

There is more to me and my story, and I invite you check out my content to find out how slow living has changed my life for the better and how it might change yours.

Thanks for stopping by to read my About page.

✌️  Be You  🤘  Be Groovy

💙 -Gregg

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